Jerry O'Connell

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Jerry O'Connell
February 17, 1974
Birth Place:
New York, NY
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This gorgeous boy lives in LA with his brother. His brother is also an actor. He is 25, brother is 24. That's all I've got for now...more coming
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Sliders: Into the Vortex: Thanks for the pict!
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Jerry has been in a number of made for tv movies, and at least one commercial (that I'm aware of) about cookies. He has been on the tv show "My Secret Identity" and is currently doing "Sliders". He has been in a number of movies including "Stand by Me", "Calendar Girl", "Joe's Apartment", "Jerry Maguire", and "Scream 2". His next project, that I've heard of, is going to be a miniseries called "The 60's". I've also heard that he is soon going to quit Sliders in order to persue a movie career (along with his brother).

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